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Thank you Mr. Shoemaker Last comment

Take Away - from the Mr.Shoemaker's class i have learned so much about the America's political view points and current society of political thinking and things about i can actually talk with the people. Also current world's political problems and the powers compare to the America.

Portable skills - i can say that, i have learned about how to work with my group, i can see that Mr. Shoemaker

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Independent Political Report

Independent Political Report
Describe and review the blog you are following: author(s) or organization, political focus, bias/partisanship, credibility
The Author/Editor of Independent Political Report is by Chris Pearson, this blog is very interested me because as soon as you get into the Independent Political Report Blog you will see some of the articles at the middle of the blog but they are only a preview of the articles, which it only gives the taste of the article, once you click the Read More sign you are going to see the full page of the article. The Blog is in point view of the Libertarian party, so it might be little hard to find the bias in this Blog because the Chris Pearson is libertarian, and it is very trustable blog because even though the blog is owned by a person but he only writes the articles based on the facts and newses.
Wayne Root: ‘Mr. President- END THIS WAR’ this article was on last Dec 3rd and this article was talking about The War in the

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Federalism and the Terri Schiavo Case

1.From a legal standpoint, do you agree or disagree with the decision to remove the feeding tube?

Who is Terri Schiavo. She was born on Dec 3rd 1963, in Philadelphia, died at Pinellas Park Florida in Mar 31 2005. Her cause of death was Euthanasia. Which an act of killing someone painlessly (especially someone suffering from an incurable illness). She entered a vegetative state in 1990 after adopting an "iced tea diet", resulting in a disastrous potassium deficiency that caused irreversible brain damage. In this persistent vegetative state she remained the last fifteen years of her life, neurological tests indicating that her cerebral cortex was principally liquid.( http://www.nndb.com/people/435/000026357/) and the Florida state Law announced Stop the Life-Supporting Invention. Following the Florida State Law, Stop the Life supporting invention’s reasons were first preference of patient are not known and cannot be expressed, second she was below minimal Quality of Life, Third her life was only lasting because of Modern technology, not the life that god given to us. So her life tube was removed and she died 13 days after feeding tube was removed. I think the State Law which Euthanasia was right for her because she was in Vegetative for 15 years and there was no improvement for Terri Schiavo, and that makes her friends and Family so tired, so I think that Florida State Law makes right to Euthanasia her.

2.On insistence from President Bush, Congress met in special session to pass legislation moving the Florida case from the state judicial level to the federal level. In your opinion, was this an appropriate move?

I do not think President Bush getting involved and taking it to a federal level was wrong, because this case was more likely state level issue. And I feel like that President Bush was just being nosy, over reacted and overstepped on this Case. Well I know it was really big hopes for the Terri schiavo’s family, but I think this case could do with the State level.

3. Do you believe the federal government has the authority to decide whether family members have the right to remove a family member from life support?

I think the Federal Government has the right to authority to decide whether family members have the right to keep on or take their family member off life support. Because his/her members of family such as her Parents, and siblings knows what have been through he/ her life. But not husband/wife, because they married because they were in love after they grown up, they might can tell each other their life story but who knows, they might lie each other, and there is possibility that they could break up, and divorced. So I think the Federal Government should have the right to decide .

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When I Think of "American Dream" I think a Land where all the chances are at, and create your own happiness by what you are doing and head work on. And personally that's the reason my family come to United States 3 years ago, for our goodness, it is not that South Korea is hopeless land, South Korea also have lots of the chances you can take but not s much as the America, because even though how much you are working hard you are not going to earn much as what you earn in United State. So I agree on both of the Quoteswhich Bout Quotes contains the concept of America is Land of Opportunity and if you work hard you will going to earn for your life. also add to that I think my family is good example for both of the Quotes, because ever since when my family came to United State my parents worked hard and my sister and I Study hard, result of Three-years were amazing because now my parents both owned a businesses and my sister is going to college and getting scholar ships, also I have got a clear job of what I want to do, which is became a Chef.

"...that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement ..... regardless of the fortuitous circumstances of birth or position" - James Truslow Adams

"It seems to me that over the past 25 years, the central message of that dream - has somehow slipped away from us. Because I think it's about being able the move up. And being able to create a better life for yourself. And a better life for your kids. Or at least a decent standard of living for future generations. And for many Americans that doesn't happen anymore." - Simon Johnson

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The excerpt I am choosing is (write the entire excerpt)

The excerpt I am choosing is (write the entire excerpt)"I was not there, yet I was there. No, I did not go to the trial, I did not hear the verdict, because I knew all the time what it would be. Still, I was there. I was there as much as anyone else was there. Either I sat behind my aunt and his godmother or I sat beside them. Both are large women, but his godmother is larger. She is of average height, five four, five five, but weighs nearly two hundred pounds. Once she and my aunt had found their places--two rows behind the table where he sat with his court-appointed attorney--his godmother became as immobile as a great stone or as one of our oak or cypress stumps. She never got up once to get water or go to the bathroom down in the basement. She just sat there staring at the boy's clean-cropped head where he sat at the front table with his lawyer. Even after he had gone to await the jurors' verdict, her eyes remained in that one direction. She heard nothing said in the courtroom. Not by the prosecutor, not by the defense attorney, not by my aunt. (Oh, yes, she did hear one word--one word, for sure: "hog.") It was my aunt whose eyes followed the prosecutor as he moved from one side of the courtroom to the other, pounding his fist into the palm of his hand, pounding the table where his papers lay, pounding the rail that separated the jurors from the rest of the courtroom. It was my aunt who followed his every move, not his godmother. She was not even listening. She had gotten tired of listening, She knew, as we all knew, what the outcome would be. A white man had been killed during a robbery, and though two of the robbers had been killed on the spot, one had been captured, and he, too, would have to die. Though he told them no, he had nothing to do with it, that he was on his way to the White Rabbit Bar and Lounge when Brother and Bear drove up beside him and offered him a ride. After he got into the car, they asked him if he had any money. When he told them he didn't have a solitary dime, it was then that Brother and Bear started talking credit, saying that old Gropé should not mind crediting them a pint since he knew them well, and he knew that the grinding season was coming soon, and they would be able to pay him back then.The store was empty, except for the old storekeeper, Alcee Gropé, who sat on a stool behind the counter. He spoke first. He asked Jefferson about his godmother. Jefferson told him his nannan was all right. Old Gropé nodded his head. "You tell her for me I say hello," he told Jefferson. He looked at Brother and Bear. But he didn't like them. He didn't trust them. Jefferson could see that in his face. "Do for you boys?" he asked. "A bottle of that Apple White, there, Mr. Gropé," Bear said. Old Gropé got the bottle off the shelf, but he did not set it on the counter. He could see that the boys had already been drinking, and he became suspicious. "You boys got money?" he asked. Brother and Bear spread out all the money they had in their pockets on top of the counter. Old Gropé counted it with his eyes. "That's not enough," he said. "Come on, now, Mr. Gropé," they pleaded with him. "You know you go'n get your money soon as grinding start." "No," he said. "Money is slack everywhere. You bring the money, you get your wine." He turned to put the bottle back on the shelf. One of the boys, the one called Bear, started around the counter."You, stop there," Gropé told him. "Go back." Bear had been drinking, and his eyes were glossy, he walked unsteadily, grinning all the time as he continued around the counter. "Go back," Gropé told him. "I mean, the last time now--go back." Bear continued. Gropé moved quickly toward the cash register, where he withdrew a revolver and started shooting. Soon there was shooting from another direction. When it was quiet again, Bear, Gropé, and Brother were all down on the floor, and only Jefferson was standing.He wanted to run, but he couldn't run. He couldn't even think. He didn't know where he was. He didn't know how he had gotten there. He couldn't remember ever getting into the car. He couldn't remember a thing he had done all day.He heard a voice calling. He thought the voice was coming from the liquor shelves. Then he realized that old Gropé was not dead, and that it was he who was calling. He made himself go to the end of the counter. He had to look across Bear to see the storekeeper. Both lay between the counter and the shelves of alcohol. Several bottles had broken, and alcohol and blood covered their bodies as well as the floor. He stood there gaping at the old man slumped against the bottom shelf of gallons and half gallons of wine. He didn't know whether he should go to him or whether he should run out of there. The old man continued to call: "Boy? Boy? Boy?" Jefferson became frightened. The old man was still alive. He had seen him. He would tell on him. Now he started babbling. "It wasn't me. It wasn't me, Mr. Gropé. It was Brother and Bear. Brother shot you. It wasn't me. They made me come with them. You got to tell the law that, Mr. Gropé. You hear me Mr. Gropé?"But he was talking to a dead man.Still he did not run. He didn't know what to do. He didn't believe that this had happened. Again he couldn't remember how he had gotten there. He didn't know whether he had come there with Brother and Bear, or whether he had walked in and seen all this after it happened.He looked from one dead body to the other. He didn't know whether he should call someone on the telephone or run. He had never dialed a telephone in his life, but he had seen other people use them. He didn't know what to do. He was standing by the liquor shelf, and suddenly he realized he needed a drink and needed it badly. He snatched a bottle off the shelf, wrung off the cap, and turned up the bottle, all in one continuous motion. The whiskey burned him like fire--his chest, his belly, even his nostrils. His eyes watered; he shook his head to clear his mind. Now he began to realize where he was. Now he began to realize fully what had happened. Now he knew he had to get out of there. He turned. He saw the money in the cash register, under the little wire clamps. He knew taking money was wrong. His nannan had told him never to steal. He didn't want to steal. But he didn't have a solitary dime in his pocket. And nobody was around, so who could say he stole it? Surely not one of the dead men.He was halfway across the room, the money stuffed inside his jacket pocket, the half bottle of whiskey clutched in his hand, when two white men walked into the store.

The young deputy nodded o the deputy who was giving orders toIt is found on pages

Chapter one of the novel.The perspective/point of view change I will make is

Jefferson to Grant.I chose this option because

feels like that it would be fun to make jefferson prespective to grant


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In the Oxford Dictionary the definition of the Music is an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner so the Musicians are the one who really turns tunes to the form of the Art. The music can makes a person happy and sometimes sad, but to me the music sometimes the music gives me multiples of the curiosity, such as the form of the music, how they perform, and the instrument that they are using for the music. There are many musicians who are try to understand and to show people different kind of the methods of the playing music. But in this paper I want to pull out two of my own favorite musicians and their technique use to show people the power of the music.

Yong Woon Kim, who is well known as Zack Kim. People who does not play guitar or people who does not know a lot of guitarist's names then he is probably little unfamiliar to them, so let me introduce who is he. He Was Born May 5 1983 in Korea and moved to Philippine when he was young. So he was grew up in the Philippine, he said that he start play guitar since he was in the high school but he did not like the old passion way so instead of playing the guitar by peaking he tapping the guitar. Later he created the new technique called "free hands", which involves "tapping" the guitar strings with both the left and right hands simultaneously. Many guitarists apply free hands to one guitar, but Zack frequently performs on two; his left hand playing one guitar while his right hand plays the other, which is basically the same as playing the piano on the guitar. His arrangements include a range of styles, from classical to jazz as well as quirky yet virtuosic arrangements of tunes such as theme song from the Super Mario Bros Video Game. Techniquely the "Free Hands" aren't created by Zack Kim it was invented by the guy name Emmett Chapman in 1969. But he was not that good performer as Zack Kim there are a lot of people who used this guitar technique were Stanley Jordan, Adam Filara, Dominic Frasca, Bob Culbertson, Andrew vaslas, and Rhett Butler.

Jimi Hendrix, very classic guitarist of all time. Recently he was picked by The hundred greatest guitarists of All Time by rolling stone. What he played was ‘fucking loud’ but also incredibly lyrical and expert. He managed to build this bridge between true blues guitar, the kind that Eric Clapton had been battling with for years and years — and modern sounds, the kind of Syd Barrett-meets-Townshend sound, the wall of screaming guitar sound that U2 popularized. He brought the two together brilliantly. And it was supported by a visual magic that obviously you won't get if you just listen to the music. He did this thing where he would play a chord, and then he would sweep his left hand through the air in a curve, and it would almost take you away from the idea that there was a guitar player here and that the music was actually coming out of the end of his fingers. And then people say, "Well, you were obviously on drugs." But I wasn't, and I wasn't drunk, either. I can just remember being taken over by this, and the images he was producing or evoking were naturally psychedelic in tone because we were surrounded by psychedelic graphics. All of the images that were around us at the time had this kind of echoey, acidy quality to them. The lighting in all the clubs was psychedelic and drippy.

The musicians who I just mentioned for my theme, Zack Kim and Jimmy Hendrix they both have different styles of the playing but they all communicates in one thing, which is the Music. The music is like the universal language of all time because whatever counties you go to the Music always can makes people into one and communicate each other.